Picking what you eat wisely can help you raise the odds of conceiving a baby of your preferred gender!

Foods that can help you conceive a girl or boy! [Infographic]

While most couples would love their kids, whether it’s a girl or boy, it’s also natural for them to have a preferred gender in mind for their baby.

One mum-to-be, Lee Wei Na, who’s 6 months pregnant with her first child, a girl, says that it has always been her dream to have two kids ― an older girl and a younger boy. “That’s like my own family ― and I think girls make great older siblings because they are naturally more maternal,” she says.


You have plenty of tried and tested methods (some are proven medically whiele others aren’t) if you yearn to conceive a specific gender. Timing when to have intercourse is one way to choose the sex of your baby, while sex position is another.

One other method is to eat more of specific nutrients to boost your chances of having a baby of your favoured gender. One study showed that a higher energy intake was linked to the conception of sons. This means that if you’re longing for a baby boy, don’t skimp on high-fat foods, or skip breakfast

We have suggestions below, then scroll down further for the reasons why these foods may have an impact on whether your baby is a girl or a boy.

Infographic: Syahirah Maszaid

Foods that can help you conceive a girl or boy!Foods that can help you conceive a girl or boy!

Foods that can help you conceive a girl or boy!Foods that can help you conceive a girl or boy!

To conceive a girl:

As “female sperm” are more likely to survive in an acidic vaginal environment, what you eat can change the pH levels in your reproductive tract.

In order to create a more acidic environment, take more green leafy veggies, corn and fruits like blueberries.

You should say yes to foods that are rich in magnesium ― these include whole grains, fish, lean meats as well as certain nuts (Brazil nuts are a good choice).

Calcium will also increase your likelihood of conceiving a girl, so remember to take dairy products like butter, milk, eggs and yoghurt.

Plus, there’s good news for dessert-lovers who want to have a daughter ― a higher amount of sugar in your bloodstream increases the acidity of your reproductive tract, so you don’t have to skimp on dessert!

Do note, though, that a high-sugar diet can lead to unwanted health conditions like diabetes and obesity, so dark chocolate is a good compromise, since it’s also rich in magnesium.

To conceive a boy, you’ll need to maintain a higher-energy and nutrient intake.

To conceive a boy:

Boost your diet with sodium-rich foods ― so, feel free to consume saltier foods like sweet potato fries, crisps and crackers, but do note that once you’re pregnant, you should cut down on this mineral as it can cause excessive fluid retention, particularly in the third trimester.

Also, take foods containing potassium, including fruits like bananas, avocados and apples, as well as veggies like broccoli and spinach. These potassium-rich food support a more alkaline environment that increases the pH levels in your reproductive tract, which is great for the “boy sperm”.

To conceive a boy, you’ll need to maintain a higher-energy and nutrient intake, so give yourself a boost with nutrient-rich breakfast cereal every morning, and load up on starchy foods like bread and potatoes. You can also have lots of seafood and all types of meats, to give you the zinc needed to support carrying a baby boy.

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