Try feng shui if you’re looking for a non-invasive and non-medical way to enhance your fertility!

Before newlyweds Ong Jun Sheng, 36, and Rachel Tan, 32, moved into their new HDB flat, they engaged a feng shui geomancer to survey their home.

Ong, an accountant, says, “I’ve heard from a close friend that the changes advised by the master allowed him to experience improvements in his life and I thought let’s give it a shot.”

Feng shui is a Chinese philosophy which takes into account environmental elements — such as earth, water, metal, fire and wood — and an object’s position to improve the flow of energy in a given space.

This system of rules is aimed at enhancing the positive flow of energy — referred to as “chi” or life-force — even as it reduces the effects of any negative energies.

“For individuals with ‘cold’ Bazi or those that are born during winter, it’s recommended to have sex during the day or in a tropical country for best results.”

During the consultation, the Ongs’ geomancer told them that some minor changes to their bedroom and apartment could also maximise their chances of conceiving.

Ong says, “We told the master that as long as it’s nothing major like tearing down walls or anything of that sort — we can definitely live with changes to the placement of certain appliances.”

Indeed, Way Fengshui Group’s chief geomancer, Tan Khoon Yong agrees that feng shui can benefit a couple’s reproductive health and boost their chances of conceiving. He offers tips…

1) Place a red garnet in your bedroom Tan points out that red garnets possess multiple functions such as easing gynaecological ailments and improving the couple’s reproductive systems. It is also known to boost your stamina and rejuvenate you.

2) Note the best time to “do the deed” for maximum results Don’t just look at your ovulation apps, you should also pay attention to the season you’re born in, Tan says this can impact your chances of having a baby. “For individuals with ‘cold’ Bazi or those that are born during winter, it’s recommended to have sex during the day or in a tropical country for best results.” Bazi refers to the four pillars of destiny in Chinese astrology.

The reverse is true for individuals with a “warm” Bazi or born in the summer months. You should try baby making during the night or when you’re travelling to countries with a cool climate. Tan explains that your Bazi is determined based on the time, day, month and year of birth and should be properly assessed only by a professional feng shui master.



3) Put plants in the North sector of your room This will lead to a harmonious relationship between water and wood elements, which are beneficial for fertility. The north sector is also closely related to the functions of you and your hubby’s reproductive organs, shares Tan.

4) Decorate your home with miniature pomegranate figurines or paintings Pomegranates are a symbol of fertility, abundance and marriage. Placing it in the North sector of your house or room will increase your chances of getting pregnant.

5) Clear any obstructions in front of your main door In feng shui, the front door to your home is considered to be one of points of entry for chi to flow into the house. Tan explains that with the right energy flowing into your home, it’ll energise everyone living in the house. “Having a wide expansive space where your front door is facing allows for more good energy to flow in.”

“[Pictures of] aggressive animals are generally not helpful for your fertility.”

6) Remove pictures of any predatory animals in an aggressive or dominant pose These images will destroy the calm and warm ambience needed to boost your chances of conceiving. Tan notes, “[Pictures of] aggressive animals are generally not helpful for your fertility.”

7) Buy plants that can bear fruit Fruits, especially those with many seeds, are regarded as symbols of fertility in feng shui and the Chinese culture. Tan states, “The reason being the term ‘many seeds’ in Chinese is homophonous to having many children.” The more fruits your plant is able to produce also indicates the higher your chance of having a baby.

8) Avoid placing candles or lamps in the west sector of your home Tan points out that under the theory of the flying star, the West sector is associated with children. It is also an area associated with the metal element, thus don’t place objects in the western part of your house that produces heat or flames, which can harm metal.

9) Place water features in the east and south-east corners These areas are linked closely to the wood element, which, in turn, is associated with the couple’s firstborn. So, water features like a fountain would enhance the positive energies in that space and, hence, your ability to conceive.

10) Pick a soothing and neutral colour for your bedroom Tan says depending on the elements that a couple lacks, it’s best to pick your auspicious colours, if not, gentle and soothing colours such as ivory, tan and light brown, which will make the environment more conducive to the couple’s well-being and baby-making efforts.

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