6 eye-opening facts about the female orgasm

Not that you need more incentives to pile on the pleasure, but check out these fascinating facts about the female climax.


Orgasm, climax, “coming”, the Big O, getting off…these terms refer to you having a good romp in the hay with your beloved! However, when you stop to think about it, much do you really know about an orgasm?

While science has shown that a male orgasm is necessary for baby-making, not much is really known about the female orgasm. Nor is this topic discussed openly or celebrated enough!

The female orgasm is a magical, mysterious, often elusive and always wonderful thing. For the most part, we girls are just happy being on the receiving end of that “yes yes yeeeeeessssss” passion.

But did you know plenty of other amazing things are happening down south ― and all over your body ― while you’re umm…busy? Intrigued? Here are some fun facts to share with your spouse tonight before you get busy under the covers!

Fun fact #1 Orgasms relieve pain and keep your womb healthy

Then next time you have a headache, ditch the meds and grab your man instead. When you have an orgasm, natural chemicals such as dopamine, endorphins and serotonin are released. These hormones not only make you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside, but they also boost your mood and induce pain-relieving sensations. In fact, they can also come in really handy when you have your period. Sounds gross to think of doing it when Aunt Flo’s in town, but an orgasm will contract your uterus and use up lipid compounds called prostaglandins, which cause menstrual cramps. While it has not been medically proven yet, some experts have also noted that the squeezing sensation of your uterus during an orgasm can flush out excess blood and clear out some of the other period-related debris and lining, which, if left, inside the cervix, can lead to endometriosis.


Fun fact #2 Orgasms come in very handy during childbirth

“What gets the baby in, gets the baby out,” points out doula and birth counselor Kate Dimpfl in a TEDx talk. “The hormones of birth and sex are identical, oxytocin which you probably know from that great orgasmic feeling…are also present in birth.” Not only does this hormone help relieve pain, but a surge in production can actually soften the cervix and help move things along. In her talk, Dimpfl, who is the owner of Holistic Childbirth, also mentions that when a woman’s labour stalls, oftentimes, medical professionals will ask the couple to kiss and do some nipple or clitoral stimulation to increase the contractions. “And it will also decrease your sense of pain with those contractions,” Dimpfl adds. So connected are these sensations that many women also admit to climaxing as they’re pushing their baby out.


“The hormones of birth and sex are identical, oxytocin which you probably know from that great orgasmic feeling…are also present in birth.”


Fun fact #3 You can have an orgasm anywhere, even at the gym.

Now that we know orgasms can happen during childbirth, did you know you can also have one at the gym?  Exercise-induced orgasms actually exist and can be enjoyed by everyone at any age. “A full 10 per cent of women and men had experienced orgasm from exercising,” notes Dr Debbie Herbenick, who tells you how to achieve one by engaging certain muscle groups in her book, The Coregasm Workout. “It turns outs that exercise-induced arousal and orgasm are just part of how the human body works, they’re not necessarily about sex at all.” Say no more, Dr Herbenick, we’re sold. Now, where do we sign up for that gym membership?