6 issues that can make sex painful for men

Say no to painful sex if you’re TTC, guys! Find out what could be making you hurt down there…


Making love should be enjoyable for you and your spouse. Still, watch the enthusiasm since being overzealous when you “do the deed” may do more harm than good. The result? Injuries that can leave either one or both of you wincing, even screaming in pain.

Dr Joe Lee, director of andrology and male reproductive medicine at the National University Hospital department of urology, notes that having sex when the female isn’t adequately stimulated can increase a man’s risk of injuries. So, it’s important to take your time especially since women tend to take longer to achieve sexual arousal. 

Gleneagles Hospital urologist Dr Ho Siew Hong says that zipper accidents are another common cause of penile injuries. Also, if you have a pre-existing health issues like diabetes or a tight foreskin, you may also experience painful intercourse. Both Dr Lee and Dr list common causes of painful sex and ways to treat them…

Bending an erect penis suddenly and forcefully can result in trauma to one or both of these tubes, resulting in a fracture.

1) Foreskin tear

THE SIGNS Pain or soreness during intercourse, beginning from the underside of the penis. Depending on the severity of the tear, it may cause bleeding.
CAUSES For uncircumcised men, the foreskin is connected to the underside of the penis by a small skin fold, called the frenulum — also commonly known as the “banjo string”. The skin fold can sometimes be tight during sex or masturbation and any vigorous movement results in a frenulum tear. Zipper accidents can also cause the frenulum to tear, Dr Ho notes.
TREATMENT AND PREVENTION Although abstaining from sex can help the tear to heal on its own, you should seek medical treatment, especially if there’s blood from beneath the foreskin. If this problem keeps recurring, ask your physician about frenuloplasty — a surgical procedure to lengthen the skinfold.

2) Tight foreskin

THE SIGNS A tight foreskin can cause discomfort or pain during intercourse, especially when the penis isn’t sufficiently lubricated.
CAUSES Generally at around age 2, the foreskin will start to separate from the glans in uncircumcised boys and can be retracted. For some men, the foreskin may be too tight to pull back and reveal the glans in a condition known as phimosis. Other men, who suffer paraphimosis, can retract the foreskin but it can’t roll back into position naturally.
TREATMENT AND PREVENTION Stretching and retracting the foreskin regularly from a young age can help to reduce the tightness, Dr Lee notes. If it cannot be stretched or is painful for you to do so, circumcision may be the only option.