8 things women don't know about getting pregnant

Reckon you know what it takes to make a baby? There’s much more to your fertility than having sex regularly!


Having a baby is nothing short of a miracle. While some lucky women have no trouble conceiving, while others try for many years without any luck.

If you are trying to conceive, you would have heard advice left and right from well-meaning people. How various sex positions can affect your chances of getting pregnant, how you should have sex many times a day to increase the chances of conception, and even ways to guarantee a boy or a girl! However, how much are facts, and what represents myths?

Whether you are ready to welcome a baby, or still on the fence about having kids, here are facts you should know about getting pregnant!

1. Stress can affect your chances of getting pregnant
Daily matters such as work, money, and marital harmony can all cause you stress, and when you are feeling pressured, having sex and trying to get pregnant will most probably be the last thing on your mind. Dr Lee Keen Whye, a gynaecologist from Gleneagles Hospital, adds that your brain also eleases a stress hormone that can inhibit ovulation and penile erection, too.
Tip! Relaxing with your partner over the weekend will not only strengthen your bond, it may even create baby-making opportunities. Take part in couple activities, or even have a short getaway at a local hotel!

2. Take folic acid BEFORE you conceive
Most women assume that they should only start taking vitamins after they get pregnant. However, vitamins such as folic acid should actually be taken before you even start trying for a baby. “It is advised for women to start taking folic acid two months before trying for a baby, as studies have shown that it helps to decrease the chances of neural tube defects in the foetus,” states SmartParents expert Dr Christopher Chong, an ob-gyn from Gleneagles Hospital.
Tip! Folic acid helps your body to produce and maintain new cells.

“Conception per se does not depend on sex positions. It is the enjoyment and fulfilment of preferred sex positions that enhances conception.”

3. Your sex position won’t affect your conception chances
There is a myth that certain sex positions allow for “deeper” penetration, and thus raises your chances of getting pregnant as it deposits the sperm closer to the egg. However, this isn’t necessarily true! As long as your man ejaculates into the neck of the womb, his sperm will be able to make their way to the egg. “Conception per se does not depend on sex positions. It is the enjoyment and fulfilment of preferred sex positions that enhances conception,” states Dr Lee.
Tip! Switching up sex positions might not increase your chances of pregnancy, but they can definitely spice up your bedroom life!