How dangerous is it to conceive later? [Infographic]

The health risks associated with pregnancy rise the older you are. Here are some issues you’ll need to consider.

Getting pregnant, experiencing the entire course of the pregnancy, going into labour and giving birth can take a toll on the body of any woman.

If you’re an older mum-to-be, things can get even harder. The chances of conceiving falls drastically once you’re 35, and the risk of certain complications is also higher. While there are benefits to being an older mum ― you’re likely to be more established in your career and have developed a greater sense of self ― the fact is, that your pregnancy may be more difficult.

It doesn’t mean you can’t deliver a healthy baby though ― celebs like Janet Jackson and Fann Wong are just some examples of older mums who have defied the odds. According to figures from the Singapore Department of Statistics, the number of women conceiving over the age of 40 has doubled over the past three decades.

So, should you wait any longer before starting a family? We list the risks associated with a later maternal age, to help you decide.

Infographic: Syahirah Maszaid

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