“I miss my unborn child”

Cherie Goh was 7 weeks pregnant when she lost her baby. She describes her experience to SmartParents.


“Some time last year, I fell pregnant with my second baby ― it was an unplanned pregnancy. I visited my gynaecologist when the baby was around 5 weeks along because I had some cramps.

During the fifth week scan, everything had looked well and normal. But that changed when I visited the gynae the following week ― he told me that he could see a “blood clot” on the ultrasound scan. He couldn’t offer any reason for it, but put me on strict bed rest until I was to see him again the following week. He also gave me some hormone jabs and medication to stabilise the pregnancy.

During my 7th week checkup, we saw and heard the embryo’s heartbeat. However, since the blood clot was growing in size, my gynae wasn’t too optimistic about the situation. Nevertheless, he was still encouraging. I continued to be on bed rest, jabs and medication till my next visit.

By this time, I was feeling really upset. When I Googled about my condition ― subchorionic haemorrhage ― most of the results I read weren’t very encouraging. Not a lot (though some did) of women with this condition were able to carry the baby to full term. I chose to remain hopeful till my next visit.

I had probably miscarried shortly after my seventh week visit.

When I went to see my gynae on the eight week, he was unfortunately unable to detect a heartbeat. The embryo had also become smaller in size. I had probably miscarried shortly after my seventh week visit, he said.

My gynae was very gentle in preparing me, then breaking the news to me. Till today, I’m extremely thankful for that. However, at that point, I was still in denial. I still felt “normal”, that is, still pregnant.

So, the gynae offered to let me take the HCG test again. The numbers would give me an indication of how the pregnancy had progressed. I agreed. No conclusive reason was offered for the miscarriage ― because since I was still in early pregnancy, it might have been due to any number of many unknown factors.

It was a horrible experience because my husband was not able to make it to the clinic that day because of his work commitments. I was crying alone while waiting to pay my bill. Thankfully, the nurses were empathetic and allowed me to take the express queue.

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