Settle your child with these effective soothers.

4 ways to soothe your child

1. Hold her closer

If she’s still young, swaddle her in a light, breathable material, hold her over your shoulder, while patting her back and shushing her. For slightly older babies, hold them across one arm, cocooning them with your other arm while you pat and shush them.

2. Sing to her

Singing to bub while holding her close is a great way to cheer her up when she’s upset.

3. Stroke her feet

Hold her feet and stroke them. Newbies under 3 months love it as it makes them feel secure.

4. Let her play with your iPad

While it’s generally not advisable to stick your child in front of the television or the iPad, a simple show or app with pictures and shapes and calm music can do wonders to lull your little love to sleep.

Photo: INGimages

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