Nurture a smart baby from birth to bump—PAST EVENT

Parents Connect: Nurture a smart baby from birth to bump seminar has passed. Do look out for more upcoming seminars!


Date: 21 May 2016 Saturday 
Time: 12.30pm to 3pm 
Venue: Suntec Convention Halls 401-402  

*HIGHLY recommended for mums in their 1st and 2nd trimester!

Registration is now opened! Limited seats on discount!! Sign up here.
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Right from conception, nurture and nature both play important roles in your baby’s development! Find out how every phase affects your baby, so that you can give him/her the best head start.  

Key highlights:

  • Antenatal nutrition and exercise
  • Prenatal education
  • How to bond with baby in womb
  • Enhancing baby’s brain development
  • Get an early start to protecting you and your baby


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