Parents Connect Seminar: All about Breastfeeding (Everything you didn't know!)—PAST EVENT

Parents Connect Seminar: All about Breastfeeding has passed. Do look out for upcoming seminars!


Date: 22 May 2016 Sunday
Time: 12.30pm – 3pm

Venue: Suntec Convention Room Level 3

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This specialised workshop guides you on your breastfeeding journey from pregnancy till weaning. Discover problems no one ever told you about and learn ways to overcome them. Who knows, you might even become the next breastfeeding guru!

*Exclusive 30 minute-long “live” latching & pumping demonstration for the FIRST 50 mummies who sign up for this workshop.

Key highlights:

  •  Mind and body preparation during pregnancy
  •  Overcoming challenges in the critical first days of giving birth 
  •  Mastering the painless latch
  •  What is that pain? Sore Nipples/Thrush/ Mastitis/Abscess
  •  How to succeed in pumping exclusively
  •  What if I my supply is low? 
  •  Do I really need to pump and dump?
  •  Nursing in public with panache
  •  Effective pumping at your workplace
  •  No-tears bottle training and weaning
  •  Extended breastfeeding: Is it still beneficial?


BONUS! Babywearing segment to introduce to new parents the benefits of babywearing and how it enhances bonding with your baby and complements breastfeeding.

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