Enter an interactive space where you can experience the coolest technology that will shape the way you live, work and play. 1st ever in Asia!

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2 days to the SmartGen kick off – are you ready?

A first of its kind in Asia, SmartGen offers a wide range of activities showcasing technology’s latest creations and workshops to equip your children with essential life skills.

Bring the brood down as this not-to-be-missed event will have something for everyone!

What you can expect at SmartGen

SMARTGEN - 3D Printer - Image Transform

Start you tour at Image Transform (booth C8) where high-tech 3D printing comes to life. Create and design an object and watch it being printed in 3D right before your eyes. Don’t forget to take it home as a souvenir!

For more things 3D, stop by Creopop Pte. Ltd (booth B5) to try out their cool, three-dimensional pens. The ink, which has no unpleasant odour, also doubles up as body paint. At EP-TEC Solutions Pte. (booth B4) you’ll not only find more 3D-inspired gadgets, but also learn about the science that goes behind 3D printing. Got any questions? The experts at EP-TEC Solutions will be around to answer them, as they provide similar training and knowledge to schools and companies around the nation.

Find out how “cool” technology can get when you stop by Daikin (booth A2) to learn more about how the Japanese giant manages it energy-efficient and eco-friendly systems.

Don’t forget to pay Hewlett Packard (booth B3) a visit and witness the unveiling of their latest cutting-edge printers and laptops. Plus, schedule in a pit stop at Singtel (booth A1). Our homegrown network and phone provider will be showcasing an extensive range of broadband products to stay relevant with the ever-changing tech landscape.


Get up-close-and-personal with Jimu Robot and Alpha1 Pro Robots as they perform every day at 12.45pm. Distributed by Ban Leong Technologies Ltd, these lifelike robots are smart enough to mimic human movements and can be used for education and entertainment purposes.

Ever wondered how filmmakers capture great aerial shots? Swing by Flyht Studio (booth A3), a leader in drone photography and videography, and find out. You can even get a chance to fly their mini drones.

If coding is your “thing”, head down to TinkerTanker (booth C3) and learn more about the future of coding and electronics.

Future animators and computing experts should trot down to MAGES Institute of Excellence (booth B10) where you can try out their virtual reality (VR) goggles and experience the thrills of the virtual world. For more VR fun, also stop by Temasek Polytechnic (booth C6a).

If you have your heart and mind set on perusing an IT course, check out Informatics Academy Singapore (booth B2), and learn more about the different types of courses they offer.

For a more hands-on experience, head to Roboto Academy (booth C7) and sign junior up for a robotics workshops. If apps are more up your alley, then stop by Tueetor (booth C5), to find out how this app has enriched the lives of many teachers and students.

By the way, SmartGen is not just about technology. Top players from the arts industry will also be there. One such company, SGCreations (booth C6) will showcase how they aid youths in their creative arts endeavour.


Before you head out, up the gaming ante by joining Cubinet’s Love Dance Hero competition. The semi-finals and finals of the Legends Circuit gaming competition will also be held during the event. Plus, the next winner of the League of Legends showdown will also be crowned live and given a chance to participate in the global championships.

Perks for SmartGen participants


The early bird catches the worm. So, stop waiting and start moving! Head down to SmartGen to get a whole different experience!

The first 30 who turn up at SmartGen daily at opening time (10.30am) will get a free VR Cardboard goggle.

Workshops for Junior


Last but not least, we have workshops for kids that will give them a hands-on experience and a glimpse of their own capabilities.

The Mobile App Inventor workshop will teach kids how to create an app that responds to sensors and human interaction. The Python workshop will introduce the Python Language to little ones and let them experience the power of programming. There will also be a Game Development workshop so budding gamers can learn how to create their own games.

Sign up for the workshops now.
1. Mobile App Inventor
2. Python Language
3. Game Development workshop

Perfect for any young adults above 21 years old the Protecting Innovation workshop will teach the basics of protecting intellectual property rights.

All this and more at SmartGen. See you there!

Join us at SmartGen, the 1st ever in Asia, where we’ll look at how technology is shaping today’s education, and also how we can make the most of its benefits. We will explore the latest trends and newest products. The SMARTgen Conference for Youths and Parents also offers you the latest research to help you come to grips on how to prepare for tomorrow’s competitive employment market.

Visit our website for details and event highlights. We hope to see you at SmartGen 2018!

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