No idea how to tame your toddler’s tantrums? Join our seminar and learn how to handle your tot’s meltdowns like a pro!

Date: 4 December 2016, Sunday
Time: 2pm to 5pm
Venue: NTUC Centre, One Marina Boulevard

This seminar is suitable for parents with children aged 2 to 3.

*Next 60 sign-ups will each receive a FREE 100ml travel-sized Kodomo Baby Laundry Detergent and Laundry Softener set. Terms and conditions apply. Images are used for illustration purposes only.

Topic 1: Building Emotional Health: You and Your Baby in the First Year of Life


Synopsis: How prenatal environment can affect a child's emotional behaviour? Also how caregivers' behaviour can help to promote a child's emotional intelligence.

Topic 2: Understanding your toddler

Synopsis: As your baby reaches the “Terrible Twos” and the “Three-nager” stage, they will grow rapidly and experience changes in their motor, intellectual, social and emotional skills. Learn why your child misbehaves at times, plus find ways to enhance their learning journey. Also get practical strategies from Ms Cheryl Chia, Founder of BrainFit, on managing your child, as well as tips to get them to listen.

Topic 3: Handling yourself before dealing with your child

Synopsis: Do you find yourself flaring up and snapping at junior all the time for every little boo-boo they make? If you often lose your temper with your child, this session by Ms Jacqueline Ong will show you how you can be more intelligent with your emotions and manage them to increase your resilience to prevent emotional outbursts.

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