Here’s how local mums manage.

6 tips to help mums de-stress

1. Learn to switch off

You’ll enjoy family time more if you learn to switch off, says PR guru Nicola De Burlet.

2. Make the most of your commute

Use this time to read, close your eyes and relax, or plan the following day, so you aren’t worrying during the evening.

3. Do your fave activity

Use your favourite downtime activity — whether it’s Korean drama on TV or kickboxing — as your ritual for switching off when you get home.

4. Play attention

Having fun with your toddler for 30 minutes is more productive (and way more amusing) than if you read reports while trying to play for an hour — plus, you will not concentrate on either activity.

5. Talk it out

Chat about your day with your other half, then let it go. Every big decision, such as a promotion or trip, requires a conversation about making it work.

6. Clear your head

Need to write some e-mails? Set aside time when your baby’s in bed and write drafts to send in the morning. You’ll clear your head and feel more organised.

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