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Flip through our gallery or swipe left for more

Travelling with littlies is never simple. Never mind that you have to bring just about everything with you, the skies aren’t looking too friendly these days either. Remember the recent American Airlines fiasco where a mother was shown crying after a flight attendant forcibly removed her baby’s stroller, whacking her in the process?

Yet, it’s important to travel as a family because you create fond memories and enjoy new experiences together. Before you lose faith in all airlines, know that many do try their best to accommodate their guests, especially if they have young children.

Sure, there are plenty of tips and tricks that’ll make flying with babies and toddlers a little bit easier, your choice of carrier can also make a difference. That is, would you arrive at your destination feeling fine or frazzled? 

Some child-friendly airlines go the extra mile, showering kids with everything from yummy fare, more comfy seats and world-class entertainment, to even nanny services. Yes, you read that right!  

Scroll through the photo gallery to discover which airlines that do just that... Consider these options carefully before you book your next trip with the brood. 

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