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From the minute your baby is born, he’s going to need this one baby essential ― diapers.


Indeed, there is an incredible assortment out there, including tape diapers, pull-ups and even organic versions.


And then, there are reusable cloth diapers.


If you decide to pick cloth diapers, not only are you saving the environment by not adding to the countless disposables that are clogging up landfills, you’re also saving a lot of money.


Although the initial outlay can be slightly higher ― at around $25 to $30 per piece (and you’ll probably need around 10 pieces at a time) ― the eventual savings are pretty epic. Forbes estimates that you’ll be saving US$1,000 ($1,327) to US$1,200 when you use cloth diapers instead of disposables during your child’s diapering years.


Of course, there are other factors to consider ― some mothers simply prefer the convenience of disposables, while others find it overwhelming to wash so many diapers a day.


For mums like Jessica Lee, using both reusable diapers and disposables gives her the right balance. “We use cloth most of the time ― I’ve got around six or seven pieces ― but when we go out, or if we travel, then we use disposables. I find that I don’t have to buy that many disposables, but I get the convenience when we’re out.”


So, if you’re thinking about switching or starting on cloth, we’ve rounded up some labels for your perusal. Scroll through the photo gallery to see them all!


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