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Unlike adults, babies can’t use words and phrases to communicate how they feel. As a rule of thumb, children say their first word around their first birthday, notes Dr Yang Huilin, a senior speech therapist at Kaleidoscope Therapy Centre.


However, this does not mean that they aren’t trying to communicate with you. Your little one might not be able to speak, but he uses his body to tell you what he wants! Simple things like crying, turning his head away, or even stretching out his arms are bubba’s way of telling you that something is wrong, and he needs your attention.

So as parents, you should observe and discover your little bundle’s various quirks and habits. See how they respond to things on a daily basis, what they do when they are uncomfortable, or how they get your attention with they want some cuddles.


“Most baby actions can have more than one meaning, and sometimes have no meaning,” states Dr John Elliott, an associate professor in psychology at the National University of Singapore, who studies social and cognitive development in young children. So, it’ll take time to learn what your angel’s actions actually mean.


So that you get a headstart, scroll through the photo gallery to find learn how to decipher what these common baby actions mean!