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Scootering is great for kids ― it hones your little one’s gross and fine motor skills, teaches him balance and direction, improves coordination and confidence, plus, it’s just so much fun!


Says mum of two Isra Lim, “We basically leave their kick scooters in the car, because we love finding random opportunities for them to explore wide open spaces with it when we are out.”


Kids adore the freedom and speed that a kick scooter can bring. And it’s easy enough ― a child as young as 2 can learn to ride.


Kick scooters aren’t just light and portable, many can even fold. All you’ll have to do is to find a space that’s conducive to scootering and junior’s all set! To lessen your head scratching, we’ve rounded up the best free-and-easy spots in Singapore your kiddo would love zipping around in.


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Photo: Benjamin Lai