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Flip through our gallery or swipe left for more

As your little one grows and becomes more mobile, they will enjoy the excitement that comes with crawling and walking.  At this point, ride-on toys (toys that have wheels and are manually powered) are a great way to keep your kiddo entertained while boosting their overall development. Toys that require your kiddos to move around by pushing it with their legs are not only super fun, but also beneficial in terms of: 

* Improving gross and fine motor skills Junior will need to use his or her hands to hold on to the handle bars while learning to use their legs to kick the ground in order to move about on the ride-on toy. This enhances their hand-eye coordination, too.

* Getting some exercise Your mini-explorer will enjoy moving about freely as he or she explores their surroundings, both indoors and outdoors.

* Gaining a stronger sense of balance As your child figures out how to move from one point to the other using their legs, they will also learn how to find the right balance so that they don’t fall off their toy.

* Engaging their creativity and imagination Different ride-on toys come in different forms — from vehicles like cabs or fire engines to animals like a lion or honey bee. This allows your kiddo to indulge in some pretend play as they zip around like a fireman on a rescue mission!


Top tip – when shopping or assembling ride-on toys, always check that all screws and movable parts are properly secured and that the toy is age appropriate for your little one. Better yet, bring your cherub along for a test drive! But before you start shopping, scroll through our gallery to see our top recommendations…