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It’s important for kids to drink enough water and the benefits are pretty clear. It ensures your little one stays hydrated and energized, while preventing them from falling sick as it helps to clear out toxins. As a general rule of thumb, toddlers are meant to drink between two to four cups of water, while pre-schoolers should be sipping at least five cups a day.


That being said, children tend to still opt for flavoured (and unhealthy) options, such as carbonated and sweetened drinks, because they taste better. Not only can this increase their risk of obesity, but a diet rich in sugar can also put your mini-me at greater risk of cardiovascular disease or type 2 diabetes.


If you’re worried that your wee one is not getting enough H2O, don’t fret. Here are some easy ways to get them to drink more of the good stuff – without any arm-twisting!