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When exam season’s in full swing, junior’s brain will need all the help it can get to pass it with flying colours.

So, you can help boost their concentration by making sure they take a break from cramming to get in some exercise. Exercising increases the body’s production of endorphins, the hormone responsible for improving one’s mood.

At night, make sure your child gets some quality shuteye — about 7 to 8 hours of it — so that they’ll remain alert and attentive during the exams.

Junior’s diet is another important aspect of good exam prep. A well-balanced diet of vegetables, meat, fish and fruit won’t just boost your child’s brain functions, it’ll ward off any infection by powering up their immunity!

Then, there are supplements and other products that’ll give their body the additional oomph it needs to boost memory. We’ve rounded several products that’ll help your kiddo do just that!

Do remember to consult your family physician before taking any supplements as well as follow the recommended dosage. Scroll through the photo gallery for more information…

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