Starting a family seems to be a natural next step when a couple ties the knot. Unfortunately, the road to parenthood isn’t always smooth for some.


According to Thomson Fertility Centre, a healthy woman below the age of 30 who regularly has unprotected sex, only has a 20 to 40 per cent chance of getting pregnant in any given cycle. If you’ve been trying for more than a year with no news, there is a concern for infertility.


Age is a crucial factor in determining the level of fertility. While women below the age of 30 should see a gynaecologist if they have trouble conceiving after trying for one to two years, those above 30 years are advised to seek help after six to nine months, and after three months for those above age 40.


Infertility treatment varies depending on the individual’s life stage and condition, although you can expect drugs to be part and parcel of the process. See a fertility specialist, who will advise you on the treatment and drugs suitable for you.


Meanwhile, get a heads up on how common fertility drugs work, plus wise up to their side effects.