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Keeping your little one safe around the house should be a top priority as soon as they start getting mobile. Since dangers lurk at every corner of your home, your child may sustain injuries if aren’t unsupervised.


Notes Dr Khadijah Abdul Kader, a National University Hospital paediatrician and an advisor to the National Safety Council. “Singaporean children spend a large proportion of their time at home, making it the place where most accidents happen. While most injuries are minor, there have been serious and even fatal ones sustained by children at home.”


To protect your child, she advises that you get down to your little one’s eye-level to see what hazards could pose a risk to them. Then, take the time to childproof your home properly, and get your paediatrician’s advice if you aren’t familiar with certain child safety issues.


“Remember to childproof holiday stays (whether it’s at grandparents’ homes or overseas) as much as possible,” she adds. “Also, keep a first-aid kit at home, and learn how to manage common childhood injuries.”


Additionally, parents should familiarise themselves with common dangerous hazards at home. Take note of these, plus, Dr Khadijah has advice on how to keep your mini-me safe.