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Families are staying home for the school holidays, thanks to Singapore’s Circuit-Breaker restrictions being extended into May because of COVID-19.


No surprise then that every parent is trying to figure out engaging ways to keep their kids distracted for four weeks. Although you will certainly rely on fun indoor activities, it’s highly likely that digital games will also be on the “playlist”.


As such, you’ll want to pick games that aren't just fun but educational, too. This way, junior will also pick up useful knowledge on topics like history, maths or language.


Advises Shem Yao, Parenting head at TOUCH Integrated Family Group, “For educational games, parents should explain to their child that the game is a learning platform that has game elements. They should also let the child know how long the game will take and what the child will be doing and learning while playing the game.”


To manage junior’s screen time, Yao recommends establishing firm guidelines before devices are switched on, such as giving a specific end time and listing the consequences of a broken agreement. Parents can also provide cues to prepare a transition away from the screens (such as informing kids of their last level/round), and encourage them to switch off devices on their own.


Yao also points out that educational games are tools to enhance children’s learning and parents should not only rely on these to teach their children. They should also make the learning on such platforms relevant to everyday life, he notes.


Online mobile games that are popular among Primary school kids offer parents the opportunity to teach about communication, appropriate responses, self-control in terms of emotions and words used, as well as teamwork.”


With this in mind, we’ve found entertaining digital games that offer your young ’uns opportunities to learn.