10 exciting activities to check out at Tech Saturday

Get a glimpse of what the thrilling digital future holds for you and your kiddos at Tech Saturday!

Thanks to tech advancements, your kiddo is more likely to spend his time flying a drone than a kite. And it isn’t just playtime that’s changing — technology is also reshaping junior’s lifestyle and the way he works, too.

Technology is an inherent part of our daily routine such as when we use a smartphone or tablet to chat with friends, check news updates and even shop.

Visit the Tech Saturday carnival, organised by the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), for insights into this exciting new way of living that will surely inspire your little Sheryl Sandberg or Mark Zuckerberg in the making. Junior can explore, learn and experience what the captivating future world would be like, and even tinker with gadgets, at six themed areas. 

Event info

WHAT IMDA’s Tech Saturday carnival is back for the third year with new and exciting activities and workshops that promise double the fun for families and triple the experiences! Junior will also meet and learn from the who’s who of the local tech industry! So, make sure to get a head start in carving out a career in high-tech!


WHEN 11am to 7pm, 29 and 30 April

WHERE Hall C, Marina Bay Sands, Level 1

We’ve rounded up several highlights of the event …

NUS BumbleBee Autonomous System (002)

1. Check out a fully autonomous underwater vehicle

WHERE Interactive Showcase

WHAT Most of us are familiar with self-driving cars by now, but what about an underwater vehicle that was built by a group of National University of Singapore undergraduates? The BumbleBee Autonomous Underwater Vehicle has even won several local and overseas awards. Find out more about this vehicle and learn how technology, engineering and design come together to solve real world problems.


2. Participate in a nail-biting esports Competition

WHERE Arena+

WHAT Computer and video games now happen in a multiplayer environment where the person with the fast reflexes and quickest mind takes it all. So, pit your mental skills against other players in ArmaGallant: Decks of Destiny, the first made-in-Singapore PlayStation 4 game crafted by game studio Rock Nano Global. Drop by with your kiddo to see why game development and gaming is such serious business and an industry they should consider going into!


3. View Singapore’s first-ever “3D-printed” car

WHERE Interactive Showcase

WHAT You need no longer imagine what it would be like to print a car because a group of Nanyang Technological University engineering students have done so by creating an urban electric car! This award-winning solar-powered vehicle, which races at a top speed of 52km/h, is an example of how engineering and 3D technology can create products that benefit the larger community.


4. Craft your own 3D masterpiece

WHERE Work Sheds, 4:30pm – 6:30pm, 29 April

WHAT Let junior craft figurines from his imagination at the Draw in the air with 3D Printing Pen workshop. Instructors will be on hand to guide him, so no prior experience is necessary. He’ll even be able to bring his works home, so be sure to find a prominent space to display your child’s masterpiece! Sign up for this workshop here.


5. Learn how your artwork transform into virtual reality

WHERE Tinker Space

WHAT You can literally experience what it’ll be like to live inside your art piece at Presence Pictures’ Little Artist VR showcase. Pros will show your little Picasso how to transform a 2D drawing into a virtual reality masterpiece.


6. Fly your own drone

WHERE Arena+

WHAT Once only used in war zones, drones or unmanned aerial vehicles are fast becoming a fixture in the skies. These days, drones even deliver food in urban areas. Junior will be stoked to try his hand at being a drone pilot ― learning all about what’s needed to control and fly his own unmanned aircraft.

Parents-10-exciting-activities-to-check-out-at-Tech-Saturday-Nullspace - Copy

7. Program your own piano or mood lamp

WHERE Tinker Space

WHAT Give your offspring the chance to craft his own electronic ThinkCrate gadget from scratch and who knows, you might just spark his passion for engineering! With ThinkCrate, junior will get an easy crash course in building his own machine. Such electronic projects will show him how coding and programming impact how a gadget is used.

Lab on wheels resized

8. Board a bus (it’s really a secret lab!)

WHERE IMDA Lab on Wheels Bus

WHAT Hop aboard this special bus — parked inside the exhibition space — and let junior witness special lasers cutting through objects. Also along for the “ride” are 3D printers, a virtual reality showcase and cool robots. Another bus at the event space will also offer interactive workshops where your kiddo can pick up a skill or two.


9. Witness a thrilling face-off in the National Coding Championships

WHERE Hackathon, 30 April

WHAT Catch the showdown between competing teams who can only use coding to manipulate the actions of their animated troops. The winner of this fantasy artificial-intelligence game will be crowned the National Coding Champion! The exciting contest might just inspire your teen to pick up the art of coding.

Parents-10-exciting-activities-to-check-out-at-Tech-Saturday-Workshed-Bootcamp - Copy

10. Participate in a STEM boot camp!

WHERE Work Sheds, 11:30am to 6pm, 29 and 30 April

WHAT Junior will have fun planning and building a prototype at the IET Faraday Challenge Bootcamp. Along the way, they’ll get to make full use of their Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) skills at this intensive engineering boot camp. On day one, they’ll be tasked to produce their own prototype table tennis gadget that will use remote control to serve four ping-pong balls. The next day, as part of a rescue team helping a town ravaged by extreme weather, your young ’un will code and send a request for help to the neighbouring town. Participants will also hone their public speaking skills as they’ll need to present on their project. Suitable for tweens between ages 11 and 14. Sign up for this workshop here.

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Photos: IMDA

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