10 little lies all mums tell

So yeah, mothers sometimes stretch the truth a little to make ourselves ― or others ― feel better…

When you’ve been in a sleep-deprived fog for months, maybe even years, you tend to, ahem, manipulate the truth a little. The truth is, telling white lies often allows you to sidestep confrontations, avoid facing the “dirty” truth, and you’ll seem to conform to societal norms. And if all this makes life that much easier ― we aren’t about to judge!

So, which of these whoppers have you uttered lately?

1. What she says… “I feed my baby organic produce.”
What she means“I feed my baby organic produce when I can find it, and when it’s on discount. Oh, by the way, 80 per cent of his organic diet comes from a jar.”

Have you seen the prices of organic vegetables? A head of air-flown organic broccoli can easily cost $14 ― seven times that of regular ones! Price aside, organic veggies are harder to come by, and who has the time to make the rounds of organic stores?

2. What she says… “Of course she loves that pretty tu-tu you gave her for Christmas!”
What she means… “Oh, you mean that skirt with the scratchy organza material? Uh-uh ― she’d rather wear her Frozen leggings!”

Every birthday and Christmas, your sweetie will get enough clothes to see her through the next few years. Since it’s simply impossible to keep track of what’s from whom, the best you can do is to give a broad smile and proclaim how much she loves the top/bottom/dress and so on.

All mums need a breather from their little ones from time to time, and hey, there’s no shame in that. 

3. What she says… “Could you watch the kids? I need to go to the grocery store urgently, we’re out of ingredients for tomorrow’s lunch.”
What she means… “Good, you’re finally home! I’ll pop by the grocery store, pick up a few things, then hit Starbucks for the latte I’ve been hankering after all day.”

All mums need a breather from their little ones from time to time, and hey, there’s no shame in that.

4. What she says… “I can’t remember what my life was like before I had my baby.”
What she means… “You ever heard of mummy brain? Yep, it’s real. And what the heck did I do with all that free time B.C. (before-child)?”

Your life has made a 180-degree turn since baby arrived. The main reason you can’t remember what life was like before bubba came is because you simply don’t have the mental capacity to…anymore. 

5. What she says… “Breastfeeding is the most amazing and natural thing in the world.”
What she means… “I breastfeed my kids because it’s the best thing for them. But I also had a baby no one else could soothe, so I’ve had to endure cracked nipples and engorged boobs for months!”

Though mums want to, they are also often pressured by well-meaning friends and relatives, to breastfeed their babies to give them the best start in life. But make no mistake, breastfeeding is hard work.

So, which little parenting lies have you told lately? Find out next!