4 things to know about Lisa Ang

The former actress and TV host on being wonder mum on “dong dong chiang” days.


Lisa Ang, 45, is the dimpled host of TV shows like Hey! Singapore, Hi-Life and At Home With… and she was also 1995’s Fame Awards (remember that?) winner in the Host category. 

Lisa married former radio jock Ivan Rantung in 1998. She declined to answer questions about Ivan’s 2011 million-dollar Changi Millionaire win and her days as, er, James Lye’s sidekick in the widely-panned 1998 superhero drama VR Man.

So what has she been up to? The mother of two left MediaCorp in 2007 to help her husband run his PR and events company and recently hosted the Ch 5 docu, Property $ense.

What do you remember of your Fame Awards days?

Lisa Ang: Learning how to walk in your Fame Awards days? Three-inch heels without falling down and battling a nasty gastric attack during the semi-finals! Although it was a competition with long rehearsals, I enjoyed working with talented people like Beatrice Chia and Zachary Mosalle.

Your most exciting moments on the job as a TV host... 

Lisa Ang: I got to hold Victoria Beckham’s $2 million pink princess-cut diamond in a mountain-top gem factory in Geneva [for Hi Life]. It was so surreal. I also had to submerge neck-deep in a mangrove swamp in Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve to explore the local ecosystem [for Hey! Singapore]…. I was also nominated for Best Current Affairs Presenter for One On One — which I produced — at the Asian Television Awards in 2002 and 2006. It was nice to be recognised for my two great passions — interviewing and producing!

Pick up any tips about buying properties while hosting Property $ense?

Lisa Ang: When I hosted the show [in 2014], we’d just moved into a temporary home a few months earlier. We’re now looking out for a permanent one. I’m not sure how good I am [at buying houses], but I’ve picked up two important terms from the show: ‘returns of investment’ and ‘total debt servicing ratio’!

You recently set up your own family-centric events company, Plan Be. How do you juggle work and family?

Lisa Ang: ‘Juggle’ is the key word here [laughs]. Ivan and I operate like shift workers since we have no domestic helper. We haven’t been lucky in finding a reliable one. There’re definitely ‘dong dong chiang’ days when we both have gigs so I’ve had to take the kids along for rehearsals and meetings. Do I want more children? I already have three — Ari, Eli and Ivan! My cup brimmeth over. I think this mama shop is now closed lah.

Article: 8Days