9 great tips for a happy family holiday

Avid traveller and mother of two Ana Ow has pointers on how young families can enjoy a tears-free vacay.

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To many parents, the mere thought of travelling with young children is enough to make them reach for a painkiller. Yet, travelling with young ’uns can actually turn them into adaptable individuals who think fast on their feet and are comfortable in new environments.

What you fear most is most probably the journey to your destination — what if your toddler kicks and screams throughout the flight? In fact, the younger they are, the easier it is to travel. Here’s how:

Travelling with babies

The first thing to remember about bringing a baby on board a plane is to have exactly what you need and nothing more. You don’t want to carry too many things — especially toys — that you could lose or drop.

1. Invest in a good baby carrier and travel pram It leaves your hands free and is the best choice for any kind of travel. Carrying heavier babies all day may leave you sweating and achy, so get a foldable stroller with a shoulder sling for city breaks.

You don’t want to carry too many things — especially toys — that you could lose or drop.

2. Pack only the essentials Here’s what should go in your baby bag: Some diapers, milk bottles and formula powder — if mummy is not nursing, baby wipes and extra change of clothes for baby and parents because accidents can happen. Otherwise, don’t bring anything you can easily purchase at your destination, like disposables.

3. Choose your seats well Not all of us can travel business class all the time. When travelling economy, spend the cash if you need to. Book the row with the bassinet or seats with a bit more legroom — although I actually prefer to be able to place my bag under the seat in front of me for easy access.