A bouquet-ful of love for Mother’s day

More than just flowers, you can convey your Mother’s day message with the type of bloom.


Flowers are one of the most popular gifts — especially on Mother’s Day. Though it might seem like a last-minute forgot-a-real-gift, there can be a lot of thought behind the bunch. Each flower in the bouquet has its own significance and conveys its own message.

          Though there is a myriad of flowers available, these are the more popular types for Mother’s Day.


CARNATIONS are said to be “Mother’s Day flowers” and have been traditionally associated with Mother’s Day since the Passion of Christ. If you receive carnations, it signifies pride, beauty, health, energy, divine love and womanly love. However, carnations also come in a variety of colours, with each colour having its own significance. For example, pink stands for motherly love; while white is usually used to honour a mother that has passed away.


IRISES primarily signify faith, hope, wisdom, courage and admiration. They come in a variety of colours – white, yellow, blue and purple – with each colour having its own significance. It also depends on how the irises are paired. For example, if paired with stargazer lilies, it sends out a message of love and respect.


LILIES signify motherhood, fertility, purity, sweetness, elegance and beauty of youth. Lilies are considered the emblem of mothers – especially new mothers. Unlike other flowers, lilies are available in a huge variety. Hence, each lily you receive will convey a different message. For example, a daylily is the Chinese symbol for motherhood, a stargazer lily symbolises ambition and encouragement while yellow and gold lilies symbolises good health and healing.  

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