Celeb mum Jacelyn Tay: My son wants to marry me!

The artiste cum entrepreneur spills on how she balances work and family, plus her secrets to good health.

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The reed slim looker always looks so well-put-together that it’s hard to believe that FLY Entertainment artiste Jacelyn Tay is now 41, and raising a soon-to-enter Primary school son with her businessman hubby Brian Wong.

Even though she has taken a step back from television appearances, Jacelyn is busy running Body Inc, her holistic wellness centre, and very much an active presence on social media ― she boasts 76,000 followers on Instagram.

We caught up with this scrummy mummy and health coach to find out how she’s been doing.

What have you been busying yourself with these days, Jacelyn?
I’ve been managing my wellness business ― Body Inc ― which I started 11 years ago and loving every bit of it! I’ve also been travelling quite a bit, both for leisure, as well as work. I’ve reduced my involvement in drama series but I’ve been more active on social media ― it gives me better control over my time for my work and my family.

How has motherhood been?
Zavier is 6 this year ― he is a curious boy who loves science, maps and music. I make it a point to study with him on week nights and on weekends, we enjoy spending time together as a family cooking new dishes, going to new places or scootering around.

How do you think you’ve grown as a parent having gone through babyhood, toddlerdom and a soon-to-be Primary school child?
I enjoyed every stage, honestly. Every stage is different and I learn a lot about understanding him as a person and respecting his decisions and wants. I teach my son to think about his problems and find solutions on his own. I give him space to grow as a person, rather than tell him who he should become.

Most parents emphasise a lot on “discipline” and forget to let the child be himself. Being active and knocking something over does not mean that the child is naughty! I would rather guide my child on how to better channel and control his energy, than to scold him for having that energy.

I believe that time is the best gift for your loved ones.”

What kind of mum do you consider yourself to be?
I think I’m an understanding mum who is my son’s best friend. He has said that he wants me as his girlfriend and to marry me!

What are some of your secrets to maintaining a work-life balance?
My family and my son are my priority, so, I work my schedule around them. I plan to finish my work when my son is in school, and when he is back home, I don’t allow myself to do any more work, no matter what. I believe that time is the best gift for your loved ones.

How does Jacelyn keep herself feeling and looking so good? Her secrets…next!