Celeb mum Joanne Peh: Kids are a reflection of us

A loving family, a welcome second pregnancy, plus, a hit drama serial –life couldn’t get any sweeter for this star.


After a two-year hiatus, Singapore’s golden girl Joanne Peh, 33, is back on the small screen in Mediacorp’s Channel 8 drama series Dream Coder. Off screen, this hot mama is not only raising her 1-year-old daughter “Baby Qi” single-handedly while hubby Qi Yuwu, 40, works in Beijing, but she’s also six months preggers with baby #2. How does she do it, you ask? Read on and find out!

Congratulations on your second pregnancy! Was it planned and do you know the baby’s gender? 

Yes, it was planned. Psychologically, I was told it’s healthier for them [the kids] and I was also physically ready for another one. We’re choosing not to know the gender, since I’m hoping for a girl and my husband is hoping for a boy. I think it’s nice for my firstborn to have a younger sister who is so close in age, then they can share girlie talk, clothes, and do all the sisterly stuff together! I would think my husband prefers a boy to balance out the female hormones at home! [laughs]

How different has this pregnancy been to your first one?

I didn’t have any morning sickness during my first pregnancy. I was having some mild nausea during my first trimester this time round and didn’t have much appetite. Also, I didn’t work during my first pregnancy and this time I spent my first trimester shooting Dream Coders, so I was also a lot more tired as well.

“Before we expect our kids to be a certain way, it’s important to first reflect upon ourselves.”

Tell us about your new project.

I play a tai tai [wealthy woman who doesn’t work] who after losing her husband and wealth overnight, learns how to pick herself up again. With the help of her younger brother she’s introduced to a job as a data analyst in the company he works for. Working again was a wonderful experience. It kept me busy and time passed really quickly!

Can’t be easy juggling work with a toddler and a pregnancy. How has it been?

My hands are always full! I hardly have time to think about the pregnancy and sometimes, I even forget I am pregnant because I would be so engaged with my daughter, or I’d be multitasking like cooking and cleaning, while keeping her occupied. On most days I have help, but on Sundays, I pretty much become super-mum.


What’s life like with a toddler?

It’s a lot of fun watching her grow, hearing her pick up words, imitate our actions in her own child-like way and express her emotions. So, while it’s exhausting at times because of her boundless energy, it is also very fulfilling. She has inspired me to learn a new language and pick up a new skill because I imagine it must be so hard for her when she took her first step, or as she tries to figure out what we’re saying. That’s why I’m putting my Skills Future Credit to good use this period of time, learning Japanese and sewing. I hope to set an example for my daughter to be fearless when it comes to learning and that you’re never too young or too old to do so.

What are some life lessons you’ve learnt since becoming a mum?

Our kids are always a reflection of us as parents, so, when you see kids behave a certain way, you kind of know how their parents are with them. The atmosphere at home is very important and when you get so caught up with the needs and demands of the daily grind, it’s easy to forget to care and love one another. That’s when you start to lose patience and get easily frustrated and because kids are very sensitive to emotions ― both positive and negative ― they will react naturally to the kind of energy at home. So, before we expect our kids to be a certain way, it’s important to first reflect upon ourselves.

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