Celeb mum Sonya Davison: I want 6 kids!

Former model Sonya Davison knew from young that she wanted to be a mother… She’s now living her dream!


Open this scrummy mummy’s Instagram page and you’ll find the most gorgeous pictures and videos of this lithe looker and her twin boys.

Little wonder then that Sonya Davison, 26, has more than 250,000 followers. Born in Thailand, the Thai-British former model and Beam artiste now calls Singapore home, by way of Asia, Australia and the UK.

Sonya is married to American-born Filipino Judd Sanchez, who works in a technology company. The couple are parents to Tristan and Raiden, who turned 1 in April.

Sonya has been in countless print and TV commercials, appeared in music videos, hosted numerous gigs and even had a role in the 2010 Naomi Watts movie Fair Game, but nothing compares to how much she loves being a mum... She spills the beans to SmartParents.

Were you trying for kids right after you got married?
Oh, I wanted to try for a baby right away, but Judd doesn’t ever want to rush into anything ― he says we should enjoy our marriage, we should travel a bit, but I was like urggh! So, that happened for a year, and when he said, okay we’re ready, I was, okay let’s go to the doctor and get IVF! He said, what, we haven’t even started trying! I’m like, but I don’t want to waste time! You know some people try for a year? Let’s do it now! And he’s like, don’t be ridiculous, let’s do it the normal way [laughs].

How did you react when you learnt you were expecting?
It was the best day of my life! Of course, when I found out it was twins, I had a bit of a heart attack. My husband was like, yes, he “scored a touchdown”. I was terrified, to be honest. Oh my God, how am I going to carry two babies? How am I going to do this, I’m going to die! I was terrified of giving birth, and now I have to give birth to two? I was really scared, but as my pregnancy developed, I gained more confidence.

When I found out it was twins, I had a bit of a heart attack.

Looks like you’ve completely embraced motherhood, Sonya!
I can’t tell you how much I’ve always wanted babies! My friends, who have known me since I was little, they would all say that I just want to have kids, more than any career or anything. I would happily admit that it was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life, but it was not negative because I’ve wanted it for so many years. I wanted kids since before we even got engaged. I was like, I don’t even care about getting married… I just want to have kids! On the first birthday I spent with Judd, I told him, I want to have six kids!

Is that still the plan?
Well, with twins, I know what it feels like when they both only want mummy right in that moment. If they are both crying at the same time, or if both of them only want me and I can’t take both of them ― how do you explain to your baby that he just has to wait? There’s no worse feeling… I feel like a baby should never have to wait for their mum! Maybe, when they’re older and they don’t need me as much, things will be different. But right now, they very much still need me, I can’t imagine having another one.

Tell us about your boys! How similar or different are they?
They are total opposites! Judd says don’t use the word naughty, but one of them is very naughty.

Ok, we have to ask which one is that?
[Laughs] It’s Tristan ― it’s cute though ― in a particular moment, he will look around and think: What’s the naughtiest thing I can do right now? So, he’s broken my phone, he’s broken two plates, he’s just broken so many things. As opposed to Raiden, who’s never broken anything! Raiden is a thinker. He will sit there and look around and calculate his moves. For Tristan, if you put him on the bed, he will just jump off headfirst. But it’s really cute and I love how they’re opposites. It’s so interesting because with twins, you can see what’s nurture and what’s nature.

How do you respond when someone asks you which is your favourite?
Honestly, before I had kids and I asked parents that, I’d be like, of course you have a favourite ― you’re just never going to say so. But now that I have my own kids, I absolutely don’t have a favourite. They’re so different and I love them so much for who they are, even though one’s naughty and one’s good [laughs]. I really mean it. Before I had kids, I thought it was a lie, but now that I do, I know it isn’t a lie.