Celeb mum Wong Li Lin: My divorce changed me

The media personality dishes on life as a single parent, her job as a corporate executive…and dating!

Splitting up is not only hard on the individual, it is that much more tough when you have to consider the well-being of your children. Former actress Wong Li Lin, 45, knows this only too well. She states, “Divorce has profoundly and emphatically changed me.”

In the five years since she parted ways with her TV host ex-husband Allan Wu, 45, Li Lin says that she helped her kids get through the divorce by “mindfully” putting their needs before her own.

Indeed, as her offspring’s main caregiver ― Allan travels extensively for work ― Li Lin is juggling mummy duties with a full-time job to provide stability for her adolescent kids, son Jonas, 12, and daughter Sage, 14.

“Time and energy are real issues every working mum faces. For single mums, you can add money to the list.”

It was the need for stability that motivated Li Lin to look for a 9-to-5 job. Explains the former Triple Nine actress and judge on The Dance Floor, “Stability [for the kids] meant keeping as much [of the] reassuring routines children can count on to thrive. It would be difficult to design such a life around the schedule of a media personality.”

Notes Li Lin, who is chief operating officer at investment company Hersing Corporation, “I love soaking in new information, processing it to grow the business. [On the other hand,] I have a hard time with politics — this exists in all organisations, of course, but that doesn’t make it any more pleasant.”

The fit and fab mum gives SmartParents the lowdown on how she balances parenting duties with her ex-husband, caring for her kids…and the status of her dating life.

As a single parent, do you feel like you bear the brunt of parenting Jonas and Sage?
That would be a fact. But it’s also a choice, so, no complaints. 

How do you share parenting responsibilities with Allan?
Allan is unable to provide a set schedule when it comes to his time, so the parenting responsibility sits squarely with me. However, when he’s in Singapore, he will spend time with the kids such as taking them for the weekend to their activities and exercising with them. 

What are your challenges as a single working mum?
Time and energy are real issues every working mum faces. For single mums, you can add money to the list.