Celebrating CNY with Nicholas Le Fong

This “celebri-cabby” shows us that Noose fame hasn’t changed him one bit…

Parents-Celebrating CNY with Nicholas Le Fong
1.      What are your morning rituals on the first day of CNY/before you start visiting?
I will collect an angpow from my wife…and give it to my son, Ninja Turtle.

2.        What reunion dinner traditions do you have?
Reunion dinner must have something to do with Hong Kong. I may be a Singapore PR now, but I always teach my son to honour his roots. Sometimes we have dim sum or egg tarts. One year, I displayed some wing chun on my son because we didn’t have any food representing Hong Kong.

3.       Angpow practices — do you like giving your kids a special bag to keep them in? Do you make them carry the oranges to each house?
No. He just passes them to me and I will put it in my pocket. The pockets are usually very full by the end of the day. The oranges are a stupiak idea. I give you, and then you give me back. Might as well don’t give. We imagine it in our heads better. Then, we both save the money and trouble.

4.         What goodies do you like to have available for visitors?
Oh, my house got many things for people to eat. I will buy all the usual Chinese New Year goodies plus Malay New Year and Indian New Year snacks. I also go and buy the western goody, like Makaroon. So that all types of Singaporeans will feel at home when they come and visit my house.

5.       What does CNY mean to you?
CNY is all about Profit and Loss. How much will you lose from giving red packets, and how much can you get back from your children’s red packets? Sometimes you can increase your profits if you are God of Gambler!

6.      What’s your favourite CNY greeting? What’s your favourite CNY song?
I don't like to hear greetings. It means I have to give red packet. I am not very good with music.

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