Celebrating CNY with Pornsak Sukhumvit

The Noose’s Thai correspondent (and resident pole dancer) talks about CNY…

Parents-Celebrating CNY with Pornsak Sukhumvit
1. What are your morning rituals on the first day of CNY/before you start visiting?
Sawasdee krub! Every new year, I prepare many bottles of water to spray on people. I like to make people wet. Oh wait, that is Songkran (Thai new year), not CNY. Sorry. Wrong number.

2. What reunion dinner traditions do you have?
I like to serve traditional Singaporean Chinese dishes like Ipoh hor fun and Penang laksa.

3. Angpow practices?
Because usually people give me money (tucked into my underwear), I like to give away money during CNY. But instead of SGD, I give the equivalent in Thai baht. Save some money.

4. What goodies do you like to have available for visitors?
I set up my house with pole-dancing poles and massage tables. The first is to help them lose weight from all the CNY feasting, the second is to ease the pain from all the torn ligaments from the pole dance. Also got Black Cat whiskey for losers at the blackjack table.

5. What does CNY mean to you?
It’s to celebrate traditions and to meet relatives that you actually don't want to meet but are afraid of forgetting that they ever existed. It’s like a test. Who is this, ah?

6. What’s your favorite CNY greeting? What’s your favorite CNY song?
I only listen to one song. Sabai sabai. It has a very good message to relax. Nowadays, everyone is so stressed during CNY. Always:
- will I get more pimples from eating bak kwa?
- will I lose more money in mahjong?
- can they stop asking me when I will get married?
 So I play Sabai sabai to help them relax. Kop khun krub.
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