Celebrating CNY with Xin Hua Hua

Get a sneak peek into the mind of The Noose co-anchor’s family traditions…

Parents-Celebrating CNY with Xin Hua Hua

1. What are your morning rituals on the first day of CNY/before you start visiting?
I put on my best blue suit, look in the mirror, and tell myself, “You are so good looking!” *Big smile, jumping brows*.

2. What reunion dinner traditions do you have?
Every year, I make it a point to announce to my parents at reunion dinner the name of my new girlfriend, who is dying to marry me, but of course, I won’t. I am not the marrying sort of guy.

3. Angpow practices?
I don’t give angpow because I am not married. A few sneaky fellas have come up to me claiming to be my children and asking for angpow, but thankfully I know how much ammunition I have and where I’ve been firing it.

4. What goodies do you like to have available for visitors?
Peony flowers, Chinese wine and romantic ballads sung by Andy Lau.

5. What does CNY mean to you?
With many visitation sessions going on throughout the celebrations, it is a great time to get to know my friends better, especially the (lady) friends whom I have yet to get acquainted with.

6. What’s your favourite CNY greeting? What’s your favourite CNY song?
Gong xi fa cai/Dui mian de nu hai kan guo lai. I know that is not a Chinese song, but it is an evergreen song that can be sung anytime, anywhere. Thank you, Ah Niu!

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