Christmas tales…With Kate Pang and Andie Chen!

What Christmas traditions does this happy couple celebrate? Read on...


What’s your favourite Christmas holiday tradition or myth that you like to tell?

AC When Aden is older, we’ll try to keep Santa a “reality” for as long as possible. Nothing is more important than a beautiful childhood.

KP We do not really celebrate Christmas at Taiwan. After coming to Singapore, we organise a gift-exchange gathering yearly along with Vivian Lai, Lee Teng, Jeremy Chan and some other crew members. The gift-exchange is done differently every year, and it is possible to see one’s personality and characteristic based on the gift they prepared. The gifts that Lee Teng prepares every year makes everyone burst into laughter!

What’s the best gift you’ve received or given out?

AC We are not big on gifts but a little Secret Santa is always fun.

KP I think the best gift is something that you have longed for it, but do not have the time to get — and someone gives it to you as a gift, a huge surprise!  Just like this year, I received a storage bag, in which we can quickly pick up all our kid’s toys. I always forget to get something like that, and all of sudden someone just got it for me as a present! It seems like they read my mind…

Are you doing something new this year?

AC We might start a mini gift exchange within the family and perhaps bring Aden to watch the Christmas lights.

KP Perhaps bringing Aden to go see the Christmas Light-up.

What’s your favourite Christmas dish or food — can we have the recipe? Do you have a photo of it?

KP No turkey this year, we are eating sesame chicken. Use 3 big teaspoons of sesame oil to sauté 5 pieces of old ginger. Cut 5 chicken drumsticks into chunks and add to the pan, when it’s part-cooked, add 2 bottles of rice wine and cook over medium heat (lid off) for 20 minutes. If you do not like the alcohol taste, you can cook for another 10-20 minutes, until the alcohol boils off and it can be served!

Are you doing anything for charitable causes this Christmas/New Year?

AC Every year I’ll donate to a cause that touches me. This year I donated to the Islamic relief Singapore whose helping the Syrian Refugees. 

KP No, I don’t “specially” choose this time to do charity. Charity can be done at any time.

What gifts do you dream of? What about Aden — what has he been asking for?

AC Aden is too young to ask for anything (thankfully) but I've gotten him a pair of baby shades.

KP Aden has received toys and baby biscuits this year. As he is still unable to talk properly, he does not say what he wants. I would like to receive a refrigerator most as a gift, one with vacuum compartments to preserve food. But it is quite expensive, can someone help me to hint to Andie? [laughs]

What’s your favourite Christmas movie?

AC Clique. But nothing beats Love, Actually re-runs.

KP I don’t know which movies are specially made for Christmas!

What’s your favourite song/album at this time?

AC I've always enjoyed Christina Aguilera’s Christmas songs.

KP There is not a single English Christmas carol that I can sing completely. Looks like I have to buy a CD to learn this year!

SmartParents just learnt that Kate and Andie are expecting again. Congratulations to you two!