Christmas tales…With Jamie Yeo

38-year-old Jamie Yeo and her daughter are planning a rollicking Christmas. We share their fun…


What’s your favourite Christmas holiday tradition or myth that you like to tell?

The other day my daughter asked me whether Santa is going die soon because his hair is white! Kids…

What’s the best gift you’ve received or given out?

Sitting here right now, my mind is a blank. I think gifts are the least important thing about the season. It’s all about gathering with family and friends over good food.

Are you planning anything new this year?

Well, I’m moving house on the eve of Christmas so, this year, I will probably do Christmas dinner at a hotel and not at home. And we won’t be having a tree this year either, as Christmas falls in the midst of the big move.

What’s your favourite Christmas dish or food — can we have the recipe? Do you have a photo of it?

It’s gotta be roast chicken. So dead-easy to do. I marinade w whole chicken in olive oil, paprika and salt and pepper. Pop it into the oven and roast it for an hour and a half at 200 degrees. And it comes out nice and moist.

Are you doing anything for charitable causes this Christmas/New Year?

I’m involved in Project Nee Soon Cares, a project that sees needy families living in Nee Soon being matched with families who want befriend and sponsor them for a year with a care package/love gift of minimum $50 worth of food/vouchers/book(s) each month.

What gifts do you dream of? What about Aly — what has she been asking for?

Well, if given a choice, Aly would love to have me not work and be with her 24/7.

What’s your favourite Christmas movie?

Love, Actually!

What’s your favourite song/album at this time?

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. Sung by Coldplay!