DAD SAYS How I cope with 3 kids

Blogger dad of three Kelvin Ang shares his wisdom on what he does to juggle work and family successfully.

“In the 12 years I have been blogging, I tend to write about the fun I have with my three children or “monkies”. I share about places we enjoy together or the holidays we take as a family, and our funniest and most poignant moments together. I do this because quite simply, there is no other job in the world like being a parent.

Of course, all parents are well aware that raising children will forever be the hardest endeavour we will ever undertake in our lives. It IS hard work. But if you are a parent, you already know that, don’t you?

One of the most common comments my wife and I get from friends or strangers is, ‘I don’t know how both of you do it with three kids!’ Our usual response is to laugh it off and reply, ‘We just do it.’

“Three kids is hard and busy work ― even more so if you have more than three! It is crazily tough, but crazily super at the same time.”

To be honest, I have never given it much of a serious thought. I won’t lie ― having a family with three kids is hard and busy work ― even more so if you have more than three! It is crazily tough, but crazily super at the same time.

For us, parenting has always been a constant learning journey. Both the wife and I work full time, so work, housework and school revision with the kids are NEVER truly done. My wife and I have realised that we cannot do it all.

So, along the way, we have fine-tuned and made changes to the way we manage our and our children’s lives. And so, I thought I would share some thoughts on ‘how we do it’ ― and hopefully, not scare you off if you’re planning your first child (or another)!

We sacrifice

I believe the first thing parents should acknowledge is that we are not super-humans. We all have only 24 hours in a day, so we have to rank our priorities. For me, I choose not to schedule any work appointments with my clients on weekends, so that I can spend time with my family. Sure, my income takes a hit but I guess this is a small price to pay in exchange for being there for my kids.

We learn to say ‘No’

Real people can’t devote 100 per cent to everything they do. So, I always remember that I can respectfully decline offers to join a Parent Volunteer Group or serve on another committee at work. When you stop doing things out of guilt, you will find more time to focus on the activities that truly bring you joy.

We pick our battles

Having three kids means there’ll be plenty of arguments, disagreements, sneaky jabs to the stomach or limbs, even MMA-style altercations. And when it comes to mediation, there are always three sides to the story ― your side, my side and the truth. Make that four sides since I have three kids.

But as schooled by my wife, the first thing a parent has to learn in parenthood is to pick one’s battles. Parenting becomes a whole lot easier when you know which battles to pick and which to ignore. Now, I usually let my monkies negotiate and resolve differences on their own while I go and make myself a cup of coffee.

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