Food subscription boxes – a working parent’s best friend?

Monthly deliveries right to your doorstep, it doesn’t get better than this.


Twenty-four hours isn’t enough, especially when you have a baby or a young child at home. But food subscription boxes make your to-do list that little bit easier to handle!

          If you haven’t already heard of them, food subscription boxes are just like food deliveries, only they come in bulk, every month. These boxes have been unsurprisingly popular for quite some time now as they save time and energy, while offering your family something healthier than your average hawker fare.


1. SimplyFresh

With a huge range of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, this firm packs its boxes to cater to your lifestyle! With nine different options like the Family Value Box or Mother and Child Box, you surely be able to find a box that is suitable for your needs! SimplyFresh will also try to include a variety of the best eight to 10 vegetables available in the season — so healthy! Plus, it includes a complimentary recipe card, if you’re running out of meal ideas! SimplyFresh is at, or call 9171-4177


2. Food Matters 

You can now eat your favourite Hainanese chicken rice, nasi lemak and curry without having to worry too much about the calories, thanks to Food Matters. It offers food that is prepared in a healthier way, with healthier ingredients, yet aiming to provide the same taste.

Food Matters is at, or call 8798-4945

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