From tomatoes to toys, get the most bang for your buck

Raising kids is a costly business in Singapore. Here’s how to save a few cents here and there — it adds up.


1. Draw up a marketing list before you go to the shops and bring only enough cash to pay for those buys. This way, you can’t spend more than you’d planned.

2. Stock up on childhood necessities during sales ― like diapers, formula milk and baby wash ― but avoid buying more than a year’s worth of supplies.

3. Calculate an item’s unit price ― not all larger packages are cheaper.

4. Buy multi-functional products to extend their use. For instance, get a cot that can transform into a toddler’s bed, a reclinable stroller that even an older toddler can use, or skirts with an adjustable elastic waistband. A cheaper option than buying a highchair ― a booster seat that fits onto a dining-table chair.

5. Always compare prices ― for frequent purchases as well as big-ticket items.

6. Don’t be enticed into buying something because it is cheap, or comes with a free gift. Think first: Do you need it?

7. Sign up to receive e-mail newsletters from baby and maternity stores. You’ll hear about sales, promotions and discounts before everyone else does, so you can get your pick of what’s on offer.

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