Got a new baby? Stressed? Here's help

You longed for your baby to arrive, but weeks of sleepless nights, endless feeds take a toll. We have suggestions…


From being a DINK (double income, no kids) couple who could jet off at a whim, you’re now facing a needy, inconsolable baby who just won’t sleep.

Being a new mum is a total shock to the system. Suddenly, you’re handling a crying, colicky baby when you used to go anywhere, do whatever you wanted to. Yet, cabin fever and feelings of loneliness are just two of your concerns. 

Here are ways to lessen the stress, so that you’ll feel more calm and ready to tackle the next round of dirty diapers, feedings and rest-deprived days.

1. Find a friend

Join a mum-and-baby group or meet a friend who also has a baby. Sharing experiences is one of the best ways to stay sane.

2. Cut yourself some slack

Everything takes longer and is more complicated with a baby in tow, so don’t worry if you’re not dressed and out of the house, with all the housework done, by 11am. It’s far more damaging to get yourself — and your baby — worked up while rushing around just to achieve a certain goal.

3. Hire help

Hire a confinement lady to help you ease into your new life as a mum. After giving birth, what you need most is to rest and nurse your baby. The nannies at PEM Confinement Nanny Agency are armed with TCM and breastfeeding knowledge and are at hand, 24 hours, to look after both mum and babe. Call 6293-9249 or visit for more information.

4 Get moving

Take your baby for a walk in the park to get some fresh air, go for a stroll to the town centre, or join a mum-and-baby exercise class — it’ll be good for both of you.

5. RELAX. Really.

Find something that you enjoy and do it every day while your baby naps, such as a 10-minute yoga stretch or simply sitting and breathing deeply for a few minutes.

6. If you are sick, BE SICK and don’t pretend

You need to allow yourself time to recover, especially now that you’re looking after your baby as well as yourself. Do the bare minimum to keep yourself and your little one well cared for. Chores? Dirty floors? All can wait.

7. Get enough rest

It’s easier said than done when your baby wakes you up every few hours in the night, but you can make up for it in the daytime by relaxing while your baby naps — don’t use that time to get the washing or other jobs done. Your husband can help with those.

8. Gather support

You are a Superwoman, but you are also human. Ask for help — your mum, mother-in-law, sister or friends would be more than willing to lend a hand. And if someone you trust offers to take care of your baby for a couple of hours, say yes.

9. Don’t care what others think

So what if Supermum purées fresh spinach every night, or your friend’s tot is walking at 10 months? Never doubt the quality of your love, or that you’re doing the best you can for YOUR child.

10. Have a hobby

So you’ve signed junior up for a baby-signing class, but don’t forget about yourself! You need to learn and grow, too. Having a hobby or other creative outlet can help you relieve stress, lift your spirits, and help you maintain your identity as a person, and not just a parent.