How much sex will burn off a burger?

We know you’ve worried about activity burning off the food you’ve eaten but we’ve crunched the numbers for you.


When the BBC ran a story, How far do you have to run to burn off a burger?, we learned depressingly, that an hour of sex — calculated as moderate calisthenics — burns off a smallish wedge of cheese 1.2oz (women) and 1.8 oz (men). Extrapolating, a Big Mac, 522kcal according to the McDonald’s website, would take some 2 ½ to 3 hours.

          However, we were inspired to ask similar questions about your daily activities like childcare and computer work and golf using the same Harvard Medical calorie table , and your favourite local treats (thanks to SingHealth’s and Remember, these are approximations for a 70kg person.

1 plate of chicken rice (roasted chicken) = 1 hour of running or 1½ hours brisk walking

2 stuffed youtiao = 1 hour in a meeting

1 bak chang = 1 hour shopping for food or golfing (with cart)

1 packet of nasi lemak = 1 hour of giving a massage or practising tai chi

1 plate of chicken biryani = 1 hour of fast cycling or 2 hours moving furniture

1 chili crab = 1 hour of skateboarding or playing with hyperactive kids

1 prata with egg (no curry) = 1 hour of playing with somewhat tired kids

1 plate of char kway teow = 1 hour high-impact step aerobics or swimming laps

1 bowl of fishball noodle soup = 1 hour of tennis or 2 hours non-stop bathing or feeding kids

2 har gao = 1 hour of watching TV