How to stop negative talk

If you have a friend
 who loves to criticise, clinical psychologist Fiona Starr has advice on how to put a lid on it.


1. Swap the focus

Whenever a judgmental friend starts to give an unwanted opinion, change the subject.

2. The guilt trick

If that doesn’t work — and you want to keep her 
as a friend — blame yourself. Say you’re feeling really overwhelmed and can’t tolerate any advice from anyone, however well-meaning it is.

3. Stay calm 

Try using some stress-management techniques before you meet her. Deep breathing and visualisation techniques will help you stay calm if she starts saying anything that upsets you. Remember, these are her issues, not yours.

4. Stop the toxic friendship 

If she
 really won’t stop her critical comments, it might be time to re-think your friendship. What kind of friend is she if she can’t stop judging anyway?

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