“I never knew how hardcore my wife was until…”

The true testament of a mother’s love is the extent of her mental and emotional strength for her family.

Just when you thought you couldn’t be any more badass, you become a mum. Then you realise your love for your kids and husband have made you stronger than ever.

You’re sacrificing an hour of sleep to get up earlier, so you can pack junior’s lunch the way he likes it. You’re folding laundry while answering office e-mail and planning the shopping list for dinner tomorrow night.

Wait a minute, did you just spy little Ben leap off the dinner table ― again? You spin round to catch him mid-air. When women become mothers, they discover strengths they didn’t even know they had..

Nor do their achievements go unnoticed. Indeed, this Mother’s Day, SmartParents’ husbands pay tribute to the wonder women in their lives. Here, they share the moment they realised their wives were capable of performing feats that are nothing short of incredible.  


“… I saw her carry the twins in each arm while my eldest hung onto her neck. This happened at 2am when all three kids were sick. There was a lot of crying, coughing and puking, but all the kids wanted was mummy’s attention and my iron lady managed them all.”
Jegathishvaran Devarajan, 37, project engineer and dad to twins Meghna Jai and Meghav Arryann, 2, and Gaurav Arryann, 4.


“… She produced 52 months of breastmilk ― and counting ― over the course of six years for all three of our sons.”
Ewan Mah, 37, digital consultant and dad to Cameron, 2, Connor, 4, and Christian, 6.


“… She flew halfway across the world from Singapore to Canada to visit her family all by herself with our 6-month-old daughter. She did this twice by the way, the first time was just a month before that. The best part ― she didn’t complain at all and handled baby’s jet lag patiently.”
Steven Cheng, 37, IT consultant and dad to Denise, 8 months.


“… I saw her spend the entire night trying to put our daughter to sleep. Oh, and also that time when she made me clean the toilet in the middle of the night because it was dirty and it was bugging her.”
Thiagesh Menon, 35, lawyer and dad to Eashta Ivania, 1, and Ishana Daenia, 3.


“… She started laying out the cards about marriage and kids a mere five minutes into our first date!”
Michael Budig, 44, assistant professor and dad to Lukas Varun, 1½.


“… She bought a label maker printer when the kids started playschool. Didn’t realise you could finish the whole roll at one go.”
Allanjit Singh, 38, managing director and dad to Daanya, 1, and Asher, 4.

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