Is actress Zhao Wei a tiger mum?

The talented Chinese actress, who gave birth to her daughter, Huang Xin, 5, in Singapore in 2010, tells us she doesn’t know much about parenting.


What sort of parent is she?

“To be honest, I’m so busy working, I haven’t really taken care of my kid. Yes, I feel guilty for not being a better parent, especially when I keep getting asked questions related to my daughter. I don’t know much about parenting!”

Who’s the ‘tiger’ at home?

“My daughter. We all listen to her. Whatever she wants to do, we do. Wherever she wants to go, we go. Of course, when it comes to issues like fighting with other kids or lying, I’ll come down hard. But other than that, her ‘status’ in the family is very high.”

Does her daughter like mummy or daddy more?

“I’ll nag at her when I see her doing things she shouldn’t. That’s why she prefers her dad (Chinese real estate tycoon Huang Youlong). I told him, ‘You’re always the good guy, and I’m always the baddie! I’m washing my hands off her!’ I’m the only one in the family who has hit her. Her dad doesn’t. But she hits him!”

Does she make her daughter go for enrichment classes?

“Not really. We let her choose what she likes and she told me that she likes to play. I told her: ‘I was like you when I was younger too!’ [Laughs] We sent her for piano lessons and she got bored by the second session. She now goes for English classes, ’cos we don’t speak it at home. She speaks better English than I do!”

Does she want a second kid?

“I can’t even do a good job with one. How can I have a second kid? My work is definitely my ‘baby’ now. I put so much time and effort into my directorial debut (2013’s So Young), and my acting (she won Best Actress for her role in Dearest at the recent Golden Horse Awards) that I couldn’t tell night from day. For the next two years, I want to focus on directing and I’ve turned down a lot of movie roles.”

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