Joanne Peh is smitten with baby Qi!

In conjunction with Smartparents’ Baby Steps Seminar, we speak with Joanne Peh on her journey as a new mum and what baby Qi is really like


Q: What are you like as a new mum?
A: I am a very hands-on mum. Even though I’m in confinement now and have a nanny to help me out, I do a lot of the babycare duties – such as changing her diapers, bathing her, burping her because I didn’t want to be completely lost when the nanny leaves after confinement.

Q: What is Qi Yuwu like as a new dad?
A: He is very calm, even when baby Qi is screaming away (chuckles)! He knows that there is no point panicking or being frustrated and angry with baby Qi when she is screaming because it will make things worse - the baby will be able to sense the parent’s helplessness.

Q: What kind of baby care duties does Qi help out with?
A: [Yuwu] bathes her and when I am too tired after feeding her during the night, he will burp her and put her to sleep. Now that we have introduced bottle feeding, he is also able to feed baby Qi at night.

Q: Is there any favourite baby-bonding activity Qi has with baby Qi?
A: He loves talking to her, in fact he loves talking to baby Qi like an adult!

Q: What’s the best part about being a mum?
A: I look forward to the day when baby Qi will call me mum but now watching her grow each day is the best thing. There is a great sense of satisfaction and surprise when she hits her milestones as well. Recently, baby Qi has been able to lift her head while on her tummy and she is starting to babble and laugh a lot. She is such a happy baby and sometimes it’s so hard to leave her. In that sense, baby Qi probably takes after me.

Q: Is there anything about being a mum that has surprised you so far?
A: Babies need a lot of attention! Some days I have to tend to baby Qi all the time so I don’t really have much “me” time anymore.

Q: What do you wish someone had told you about this motherhood “gig” before you became to prepare you for it?
A: I think it’s important not to be too well-prepared for motherhood because it is a personal journey after all. It’s more fun to learn by experience when you actually become a mum – there are so many things that will surprise you and it also allows you to rely on your instincts as a mum to best respond to your child.

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