10 annoying comments young mums are tired of hearing

Mind what you say ― you may unwittingly trigger a young mother with these insensitive statements or questions!


Although more and more women are putting off having kids till later, some women choose to start a family earlier.  

In some ways, their offspring are better off as a result. Younger mums have more energy to keep up with their kids and are able to recover faster after childbirth.

Sadly, these young women are also likely to be judged as bad parents because of their youth. We’ve rounded up some of the silly comments young mothers no longer want to hear…

1) “You’re so young!”

Being a young mum means you’ll have more energy and stamina to keep up with your kewpie when they hit the Terrible Twos, become a “Threenager” or try ruling the roost as a “Fournado”. Nor will any amount of life experiences prepare you for these challenging transitions. So, being young doesn’t mean you can’t be a good mother.

Having children also adds new meaning to your life — it gives you an added determination to reach your goals and provide a better life for your kids.

2) “There’s still so much in the world you haven’t seen.”

You can still travel and see the world after becoming a parent. Travelling with your brood actually lets you forge stronger bonds through shared experiences.

3) “Don’t you miss being young and carefree?”

While it’s true that having a child comes with more responsibilities, it doesn’t mean you have to give up on your dreams. You can scale Mount Everest, check off your bucket list or meet your girlfriends on a Friday night. The secret? Good time management and getting childcare. Having children also adds new meaning to your life — you’re more determined than ever to reach your goals and provide a better life for your kids.

4) “Are you still married to the guy?” 

You are mocking the young mum’s ability to pick a  good spouse and assuming the worst of them. Their significant others could be committed parents and spouses, quite unlike that unfaithful guy you see in countless TV dramas and movies. Not all young mums are stuck in relationships they hate.