Struggling to keep track of all of your parenting duties? Let technology lead the way…


Parenting is sort of like running your own company. And as any good boss knows, you need the best tools in the market to ensure your “organisation” stays efficient, the day-to-day “operations” run smoothly and your “employees” are well taken care of.

If you feel like an overworked CEO who’s juggling way too many balls, outsource some of your responsibilities to these reputable apps. They are designed to keep busy parents like you on track, so that you’ll achieve your goal of creating a harmonious home without major mishaps. Best of all, these applications are free!



What can’t this app do? It manages multiple schedules, doctor’s appointments, shopping lists, junior’s homework deadlines and automatically syncs to all users connected to your account. Reminders on forthcoming appointments are sent via e-mail or as text messages to all those involved. It even has a family journal where everyone can upload their photos to share and keep track of their memories.



Make orders on-the-go at this well-stocked online grocery store. Everything you find at your favourite neighbourhood supermarket you can find here, too, often at slashed prices. Free delivery on your first order with a minimum purchase of $30, $49 for subsequent orders. One more item to strike off your chore list ― for good…hooray!

At a single glance, Anymap updates you on the latest haps as well as most awesome deals in town.



A fast, free and fun way to share your location with anyone. With a few taps, you can send a Glympse of yourself driving or walking from your original starting point to your destination. It even calculates your expected arrival time. Parents who want to keep track of older kids who have a smartphone or helpers who pick up little ones from school will find this app most helpful. Perhaps you want to know how soon your wife will arrive home from work, so you can pour her a glass of wine the moment she walks in and win yourself some brownie points (hint hint!).



If you have a serious case of FOMO (fear of missing out), then this cool app is for you. At a single glance, it updates you on the latest haps as well as most awesome deals in town. You’ll know where to find the best local eats, spots to hold your peewee’s next birthday party, and even top 10 things to do this month. Choose any suggestion and it’ll instantly fire up the GPS that leads you to the location. With Anymap, you’ll never run out of ideas to entertain the brood, nor will you get lost ― which is great news for any parent!



With the new school year underway, expect the kiddos to ply you with their adorable artwork. Now, you no longer have to feel guilty that you aren’t showcasing each and every one of them on the mantle or fridge. Thanks to this brilliant app, all you have to do is take a picture, label whose work it is (because yes, thanks to mummy/daddy brain, we do tend to forget) and it’ll keep the masterpiece for you in its secure cloud storage. Once you’ve collected enough pictures, you can even turn them into a keepsake such as a fancy hardcover book or mugs.

A genius app that tells you what to cook based on what ingredients you have…coming right up!


Allrecipies Dinner Spinner

Get dinner on the table on busy weekday nights in a jiffy, who knows, you might even enjoy doing it! This genius app has an amazing collection of recipes, photos, videos, ratings and reviews created and shared by more than 50 million home cooks. Choose what type of dish you want to cook (appetiser, breakfast, main dish, salad etc.), the ingredients you have on hand (chicken, cheese, grains etc.) and how soon you want it to be ready (as quick as 20 minutes or within two hours). After a library search, the app shortlists those that match your requirements. Trust us, you will find something to cook that’ll see you doing a happy dance.



Has junior outgrown his shoes, again? They grow like weeds, don’t they? We don’t always have the time to bring them to the store to buy a new pair of kicks. Instead of taking yet another inaccurate outline of your mini-me’s feet to the shops or buying the wrong size online, simply turn on this app, place his feet on the foot icon and it will measure the accurate length and width in a jiffy. The only downside, it’s only available on the iPad for now. Don’t forget to take your iPad with you when you’re shopping. Yay, a kid-free outing! Designed for infant and toddler feet, it’ll go up to a kid’s US size 12 ― there’s also an international conversion table for sizes.

After you set up this app, whenever 60 photos are added to your Instagram, Facebook or iPhone camera roll favourites, it automatically prints it into a photobook and ships it right to your doorstep.



Are you constantly taking pics of the rugrats in action, but never have the time to print and compile them into albums? Enter Chatbooks. After you set up this app, whenever 60 photos are added to your Instagram, Facebook or iPhone camera roll favourites, it automatically prints it into a photobook and ships it right to your doorstep. You can also order additional copies and present them to the in-laws and close relatives. Customise your book by including captions for the pics or add fancy binding. Every book comes with the dates when the pictures were taken. Now, none of your treasured pictures will be lost or forgotten! Prices start at US$8/$12.



With this app, you have a comprehensive run down for all modes of public transport at your finger-tips ― whether you plan to walk, cycle, or take the train, taxi or bus, even Uber. It tells you where the nearby bus and train stops are from your current location, plus provides real-time updates on when they’ll arrive. Once you’ve picked out your route and mode of transport, Citymapper maps your journey with step-by-step directions. It gives approximate walking times to the bus or train station, as well as which platform to change at the MRT station. If you’re cycling or walking, you also get an estimated number of calories you can expect to lose from your trip. This “ultimate transport app” can be used in 38 cities across the US, Asia, Australia and Europe, including London, Seoul and Sydney. How cool is that!


Remember the Milk

End your wayward, disorganised lifestyle once and for all with this list organising tool. You can create lists for everything ― grocery shopping, daily planning, tasks to complete in the office, notes on on-going projects…the list goes on. Then set due dates, priorities and reminders, so you’ll never forget another task, big or small, ever again. Did we mention that you can set reminders for someone else (ahem, the husband maybe?), so they’ll never forget to pick up the milk!

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