15 ways to start the New Year right!

Try these instant mood boosters, stat, to get a jump-start to a joyous year.


So, your work day was hellish, traffic this evening was in gridlock mode, and you came home to find your rugrats running amok. You’re dying for a pick-me-up, but the spa is not within easy reach. What you need is a happiness fix, stat!

Studies show that you can turn your grumps into glee in simple steps. Here are 15 quick tips and tricks that’ll make over your mood in a mo!

#1 Stop complaining
Instead of pointing out what’s bothering you, channel that energy into fixing the problem. And if you can’t, let it go or look for the bright spots. Complaining not only introduces more negativity to your life, it also breaks down the positive spirit of people around you. 

#2 Take a nap
Feeling tired may not mean you need another caffeine hit, while feeling ill doesn’t mean it’s time to double your meds. It could just mean you need some much-needed rest. So, get the hubs to babysit, turn off the alarm, put your mobile phone on silent and drift off to la-la-land.

#3 Be grateful
Count your blessings, one by one. It can be something as simple as catching the bus to work this morning, or having a loving hubby and happy kiddos to go home to every day. Being grateful reminds you of all the positive things in your life and will instantly make you feel better.

Being grateful reminds you of all the positive things in your life and will instantly make you feel better.

#4 Praise your children
Many of us are guilty of this ― sometimes, when we feel bad about ourselves, we take it out on our offspring. It’s tempting, but avoid doing it because it’s not their fault you’re having a bad day. Lift them up instead ― tell them the things you wanted to hear from your parents when you were a child.

#5 Learn to say “no”
Since you don’t want to come off as cold or rude, this may be hard to attempt, let alone master. But, it’s your prerogative to decline if the request is something you don’t feel comfortable and will leave you feeling resentful or if it’s too large a task for you to tackle. Use a nice phrase to turn someone down, such as, “Not right now” or “No, thank you”.

#6 Shake things up
Putting on lipstick or a pretty pair of heels can immediately add some oomph to an otherwise blah day. If you’re always in dark hues, put on a boldly coloured blouse or dress instead, crown your morning coffee with some whipped cream or find a few jogging route. Do whatever works for you!

#7 Get moving
Studies show that engaging in just 20 minutes of physical activity can produce enough endorphins and serotonin (natural mood enhancers) to keep you in high spirits that may last up to 12 hours. So, go for a run, join a Zumba class, or just crank up the music at home and have a dance party with your peewees to get those happy juices flowing.

Eight more ways to stay happy… coming right up!