Smart ways to sort your stuff and make life easier!

4 easy ways to organise your space

Tidy your space systematically ― SmartParents breaks it down for you.

1 Make it smaller

Break your tidying tasks into bite-sized jobs and stick to-do lists for little chores in a visible area, so you’ll see your step-by-step progress. Keep a stack of index cards in the living room and write each small chore on a card. Each time you’re tidying up, grab a card and tear it up before binning it. The satisfaction of rrrrripping it up is satisfying!

2 Be merciless

Scale down your wants — not everything is essential. If you keep things that are of no daily use to you, you’ll find yourself under an avalanche of clutter as time goes by. If a piece of clothing has not been worn in more than two years, discard or donate it.

3 Identify suitable systems

Break down almost any daily task into a system or process that works for you. This could be as simple as keeping a beautiful bowl by the door where you can drop loose coins and house keys on your way in. It saves you time having to turn over the sofa cushions to locate them later.

4 Create piles

Put your incoming mail in an “in” tray, divide stuff into piles designated for trashing, donating or keeping, and create a “maybe” box for things you’re not sure that you’ll need in the future. Put away household items you seldom use in less accessible storage areas, such as high cabinets. Self-storage services can be a life-saver if your living space is scarce. EBC Self Storage, for instance, charges as little as $35 a month for a 10 sq ft locker space (for 12 months). Use the space to store sentimental (though unneeded) items like your kid’s drawings or report cards, or bulky presents of toys and clothes not yet appropriate for your baby.

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